elaw is proud to announce that our head of consulting, Leonie Taylor, was recently designated as Australia’s first Relativity Assisted Review Specialist by kCura.


This certification is reserved for those with expertise in predictive coding within Relativity, who have completed comprehensive training and successfully passed challenging testing. Leonie has 12 years of experience in both litigation and technology, having practised as a litigation lawyer and worked as a strategic legal technology advisor on matters of all shapes and sizes.

“Expertise is at the heart of elaw’s service to its clients, and our clients tell us that they value the confidence that this expertise inspires,” said Kylie Petersen, elaw director of consulting and services.

“Having consultants who are legally qualified, and who are certified with specialist accreditations such as Leonie’s Relativity Assisted Review specialisation, provides objective evidence of our expertise. As an organisation, we are highly committed to, and heavily invested in ongoing professional training for all staff.

“It’s always satisfying for our team to receive new certifications, and it’s particularly exciting when we have a ‘first of a kind’ certification in the region. We congratulate Leonie on this terrific achievement.”

What does it mean for elaw clients?

Australian courts are increasingly accepting the use of technology assisted review (TAR) (also known as predictive coding) as an accurate and cost-effective evidence analysis tool.

TAR leverages the analytical skills of experienced litigators to amplify their coding decisions across entire evidence collections. It does not replace legal expertise, and in fact its effectiveness is dependent on sound legal decisions.

Litigators are sometimes surprised to learn that, rather than threaten revenue, TAR enhances the value of senior reviewers. It also levels the playing field between firms that have teams of junior reviewers at their disposal and firms that do not.

For Australian practitioners, now is the time to be informed about and comfortable with TAR and related evidence analysis strategies.

If you or your team have not used TAR before and are interested in learning more about this growth area, please contact Leonie Taylor to arrange a no-cost, in-house CLE seminar delivered by Leonie or a member of the elaw consulting team.

For more information, or to book an in-house session, contact Leonie today on 02 8114 1733 or at [email protected]