Electronic Discovery

elaw’s Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) team process native electronic files for clients around Australia.

The team processes materials to meet:

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Investigative; and
  • Analytical

needs of law firms, government agencies and corporate entities.

Processing tasks range from straightforward to highly complex and can be part of a comprehensive hosted caseroom solution or stand-alone tasks. Processing output can be configured to meet specific software or client needs.

The team uses a suite of software tools, including commercially produced software and custom developed applications. The principal processing environment is Nuix. Services include:

  • Early Case Assessment and analysis
  • File and metadata extraction
  • De-duplication
  • OCR
  • Filtering
  • Rendering and stamping
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Technical consulting.


Data Analytics is transforming the way that litigators filter, organise, analyse and code evidence collections.

Particularly in large matters, Analytics has become a key element of the elaw tailored project workflow.
Whether you are considering the use of:

Structured Analytics

Near de-duplication and email threading

Conceptual Analytics

Clustering documents by concept

Assisted Review

Predictive coding

Get the competitive advantage

elaw’s Consultants are subject matter experts, able to recommend a cost-effective solution that gives your team competitive advantage.

The right Analytics solution for your case offers powerful potential to:

  • Minimise the data set
  • Provide investigative capabilities
  • Organise and prioritise documents
  • Minimise cost; and
  • Accelerate review

elaw’s Consultants are trained in the utilisation of Relativity Assisted Review. The team designs innovative, robust and defensible Analytics-driven solutions.

If you have not used Analytics before and are interested in learning more about this growth area, one of our Consultants would be pleased to provide an in-house CLE for your team, at no cost.

Hosted Database

elaw offers Delium and Relativity software for hosted case review.

elaw’s hosting facility is located in Australia and is T4 defence level, ASIC and ASIO approved.

Both Delium and Relativity deliver:

  • Image and native file review
  • Powerful searching across document text and fields of information
  • Diverse coding options
  • Flexible workflow capabilities
  • Sorting
  • Categorising
  • Tagging
  • Highlighting
  • Redacting

The right platform for you

Both environments are capable and proven litigation support solutions.  At commencement of your matter, your elaw Consultant will work with you to ensure that your case room is the right fit for your matter and your team.

Relativity might better suit your case needs if your matter:

  • is very large
  • involves exclusively (or predominantly) native electronic evidence
  • would benefit from the use of advanced analytics, including Relativity Assisted Review (predictive coding)
  • involves a complex workflow
  • would benefit from visualisation tools (such as interactive maps and pivot charts).

elaw has been accredited by Relativity as a Best-in-Service partner 5 times.

Delium might better suit your case needs if:

  • your matter involves a mix of hardcopy and native electronic evidence
  • you would like to self-sufficiently manage your caseroom to contain costs and empower your team
  • your matter is likely to proceed to eTrial

  • The use of evidence presentation technology (Delium) accelerated the proceedings by at least 50%, probably significantly more
    — Justice Mark Cooper
  • The saving in court time saw last year’s first e-litigation case completed in 32.5 days instead of the estimated 45… put this saving down to the use of [email protected] (Delium)
    — Justice Forrest Miller
  • it (Delium - Systematics Court) was a pleasure to use
    — Justice David Bleby, OBE, QC
  • The course of the hearing was greatly accelerated … I would estimate in the vicinity of 25 to 30 per cent with proportional cost savings
    — Justice John Slattery AO, QC
  • Whenever I have urgent electronic evidence requirements, elaw is always able to provide a timely service where the quality is second to none, but more important they are reliable. Without reliability my service to my customer is compromised. In litigation where deadlines are always tight, I need an outsourced provider I can depend upon, and elaw is it.”
    — Dale Cliff, Partner – Mills Oakley