Ian has worked in legal technology and digital evidence since the late 1970s and has led elaw for more than 25 years.

In 1988, with qualifications and experience in technology and law, Ian joined legal software developer and related services provider, Systematics (the company now known as elaw International), as CEO.

Ian’s professional experience centres on the application of technology to all phases of the litigation life cycle. In 1993, Ian led the delivery of the first paperless Courtroom in Australia. Ian continues to consult internationally in this area and in the field of pre-trial materials’ analysis.

Ian lectures regularly at University level and is the author of various papers addressing technology to support evidence presentation and management in Courts.

He was the first recipient of the NSW Law Society Legal Technology Award for his work on paperless office process and holds numerous US, Australian and International Patents. Ian is also a nationally accredited Mediator.

Specialties: The application of technology to litigation and hearings, software architecture.