Aero – Simply Powerful

Aero has arrived in RelativityOne


When elaw upgraded to RelativityOne, we were excited that, as a RelativityOne partner, we would be able to deliver the best in Relativity innovation to our clients as soon as it was available.

One such innovation that has been eagerly anticipated is the Aero User Interface (UI). elaw’s clients will be amongst the first Relativity users globally to take advantage of the speed and power of the new RelativtyOne Aero user interface.

The elaw team has been working with Aero for a number of weeks now in preparation for the rollout to our clients on Sunday 16 August.

Aero is more than an upgraded interface – it’s a collection of five powerful components that have been applied across the whole of the RelativityOne platform:

  1. Modern aesthetics
  2. Next-generation viewer
  3. Workflow-based navigation
  4. Light-speed page loads
  5. Automated workflows

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