RelOne has arrived at elaw

Relativity One Certified Partner

elaw is excited to announce at RelativityFest London that we are now a RelativityOne Certified Partner. With RelativityOne, elaw can offer its clients access to Relativity’s most current functionality spanning the full breadth of e-discovery – from legal hold through production.

Critically, elaw recognises that the transition to RelativityOne also delivers better protection of client data by storing it in a single, secure SaaS platform. Relativity’s approach to operational risk management, cybersecurity, and product security were key drivers in elaw’s decision to expand its offerings with RelativityOne. elaw was an early adopter of cloud-based solutions and has been a Relativity partner for almost a decade.

“We’ve been watching Relativity’s transformation to a mature SaaS offering via RelativityOne with great interest for some time,” noted Monica Dunne, elaw’s Director of Client Technology. “The security piece needs to be very sophisticated with any cloud solution, and when our security team looked at RelativityOne data protection, they were absolutely impressed. The data metrics that were shared with us proved that this was not just a theoretical solution –  the effectiveness is really borne out by the numbers.”

According to elaw’s Director of Consulting, Kylie Petersen, elaw was also excited by the breadth of RelativityOne’s intrinsic functionality and the flexibility to pick and choose solutions from the Relativity App Hub

“Our consulting team can see great benefit to our clients in being able to take advantage of Collect, RelativityOne’s integrated data collection capability, particularly now when we’re so physically restricted,” Petersen said, noting that this would enable reviewers to work with client data much more quickly than has been previously possible. “We’re so pleased that our commitment to RelativityOne means that our clients have priority access to Relativity innovation as soon as it’s available. This puts them – and us – at a real advantage in solving data challenges.”

“With the threat landscape evolving to be more complex than ever, elaw recognises that implementing RelativityOne is an important investment to provide the most secure and trusted e-discovery experience for their clients,” said Peter Kim, Vice President of Sales at Relativity. “The instant access to new product features and the extensibility of the platform will allow them to better serve their clients and be even more competitive in the marketplace.” With the secure and powerful RelativityOne product, elaw will be able to further leverage its e-discovery expertise to provide more value and better results for its clients. Additionally, moving to the cloud gives elaw the added scalability needed in today’s data-centric society and allows them to build expertise and IP on top of one connected, global solution.